Short Course Notes #13

Dynamic Processes in Magmatic Ore Deposits and Their Application to Mineral Exploration



Geological and geochemical relationships in the Voisey's Bay Intrusion, Nain Plutonic Suite, Labrador, Canada
P.C. Lightfoot and A.J. Naldrett

An evaluation of the roleof fluids in Ni-Cu-PGE-bearing, mafic-ultramafic systems
C.E.G. Farrow, and D.H. Watkinson

The fractionation of Ni, Cu and the noble metals in silicate and sulphide liquids
S-J. Barnes and W.D. Maier

Fundamentals of heat and particle transport in silicate melts
W.D. Baines

Systematics of sulphur and oxygen isotopes in mafic igneous rocks and related Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization
E.M. Ripley

Komatiite flow fields and associated Ni-sulphide mineralisation with examples from the Yilgarn Bock, Western Australia
S.J. Barnes, R.E.T. Hill, C.S. Perring and S.E. Dowling

Ni-Cu-PGE deopists of the Noril'sk region, Siberia: their formation in conduits for basalt volcanism
A.J. Naldrett and P.C. Lightfoot

On factors controlling the concentrations of platinum group elements in layered intrusions and chromitites
E.A. Mathez

Geology of the Pechenga ore deposits - a review with comments on ore forming processes
A.H. Green and V.A. Melezhik

The role of meteorite impact, source rocks, protores and mafic magmas in the genesis of the Sudbury  Ni-Cu-PGE sulphide ore deposits
R.R. Keays and P.C. Lightfoot

Thermal and fluid dynamics of komatiitic lavas associated with magmatic Fe-Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulphide deposits
D.A. Williams, R.C. Kerr, and C.M. Lesher

Mass balance and mixing in magmatic sulphide systems
C.M. Lesher and O.M. Burnham

Geochemical discrimination of barren and mineralized komatiites in dynamic ore-forming magmatic systems
C.M. Lesher, O.M. Burnham, R.R. Keays, S.J. Barnes and L. Hulbert

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