Short Course Notes Volume #11

Alteration and Alteration Processes Associated With Ore-Forming Systems



A Graphic View of Hydrothermal Mineral Stability Relations

R.E. Beane

Exchange Vector Diagrams for the Compositions of Alteration Minerals

D.M. Burt

Clay Minerals -- Equilibrium models and temperature indicators

I.Hutcheon, P. de Caritat and H.J. Abercrombie

Exchange Reactions in Hydrothermally Altered Rocks: Examples from Biotite-bearing Assemblages

D.R. Lentz

Oxidation and Sulphidation Reactions

E.Froese and R.G. Berman

Alteration Factors affecting Ore Deposition

N.J. Susak

Experimental Water-Rock Interaction: Applications to Ore-forming Hydrothermal Systems

A.E. Williams-Jones, S.A. Wood, B.W. Mountain and C.H. Gammons

The Gresens Approach to Mass Balance Constraints of Alteration Systems: Methods, Pitfalls, Examples

C.H.B. Leitch and D.R. Lentz

Lithogeochemical Exploration for Hydrothermal Ore Deposits using Pearce Element Ratio Analysis

C.R. Stanley and H.E. Madeisky

Supersolidus Alteration Processes and Stratabound Platinum-Group-Element Deposits in Layered Intrusions

A.E. Boudreau and W.P. Meurer

Evolutionary Habits of Hydrothermal and Supergene Alteration in Intrusion-Centred Ore Systems, Southwestern North America

S.R. Titley

Geological and Geochemical Studies of Alteration Processes in a Fluorine-Rich Environment: The East Kemptville Sn-(Zn-Cu-Ag) Deposit,Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada

D.J. Kontak

Hydrothermal Alteration in Active Continental Hydrothermal Systems

M.H. Reed

P-T-t-Deformation-Fluid Characteristic of Lode Gold Deposits: Evidence from Alteration Systematics

T. Campbell McCuaig and R. Kerrich

Hydrothermal Alteration in Carbonate-Replacement Deposits: Ore Skarns and Distal Equivalents

T.A.P. Kwak

Experimental and Theoretical Perspectives on Crustal Alteration at Mid-Ocean Ridges

P.J. Saccocia, K. Ding, M.E. Berndt, J.S. Seewald and W.E. Seyfried, Jr.

Chemostratigraphy and Hydrothermal Alteration in Exploration for VHMS Deposits in Greenstones and Younger Volcanic Rocks

T.J. Barrett and W.H. MacLean

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