Special Paper 41

Current Perspectives in the Applachian-Caledonian Orogen


The Alabama promontory: Example of the evolution of an Appalachian-Ouachita thrust-belt recess at a promontory of the rifted continental margin.
W.A. Thomas and B.M. Whitting

Tectonic significance of high-pressure metamorphic rocks and dextral strike-slip faulting along the Taconic suture
M.G. Adams, K.G. Stewart, C.H. Trupe and R.A. Willard

Middle Ordovician foredeep fill in western Newfoundland
L. Quinn

Nature and timing or orogenesis in the Scottish Highlands and the role of the Great Glen fault
A.L. Harris

Caledonian deformation along the Laurentian Margin in Scotland and Ireland
D.H.M. Harris and A.L Harris


Volcanic and sedimentary terrane correlation between the Dunnage and gander zones of the Canadian Appalachians and the British Caledonides reviewed
J.A. Winchester and C.R. van Staal

Lower Paleozoic fossils from Newfoundland and their importance in understanding the history of the Iapetus Ocean
S. Henry Williams, D.A.T. Harper, R.B. Neuman, W.D. Boyce and C.Mac Niocaill

Convergence and subduction at the Ordovician margin of Laurentia
B.A. van der Pluijm, R.Van der Voo and T.H. Torsvik

Argon-40/argon-39 ages from the Lewis Hills massif, Bay of Islands Complex, west Newfoundland
A. McCaig and D. Rex

The Teakettle and Carmanville melanges in the Exploits subzone of northeast Newfoundland: Recycling and diapiric emplacement in an accretionary prism
C.B. Lee and Harold Williams

Allochthonous Ordovician basaltic rocks of possible island arc affinity in the Southern Uplands, southwest Scotland
R.P. Barnes, E.R. Phillips and R.J Merriman


The Carolina terrane in northwestern South Carolina: Relative timing of events and recent tectonic models
A.J. Dennis

Orogenisis exotic to the Iapetan cycle in the southern Appalachians
J.P. Hibbard and S.D. Samson

Late Proterozoic to Cambrian evolution of the Boston Avalon terrane
J.W. Skehan and N. Rast

Odyssey of West Avalonia: Isotopic constraints for Late Proterozoic III-Early Silurian paleogeography
J.B. Murphy, R.D. Nance, J.D Keppie, J. Dostal and B.L. Cousens

Samarium-neodymium isotopic characteristics in the northeastern Gander zone, Newfoundland Appalachians
R.S. D'Lemos and R.E. Holdsworth

Is the Carolina Terrane part of Avalon?
S.D. Samson


Faulting and progressive strain history of the Gaspé' Peninsula in post-Taconian time: A review
M. Malo and D. Kirkwood

Collisional tectonics along the Laurentian margin of the Newfoundland Appalachians
P.A. Cawood, J.A.M. van Gool, and G.R. Dunning

New perspectives on the Caledonian orogeny in Northeast Greenland
R.A. Strachan, B. Chadwick, C.R.L. Friend and R.E. Holdsworth

Dunnage zone boundaries and some aspects of terrane development in Newfoundland
M.A.J. Piasecki

Geochronology and regional tectonic implications of Silurian deformation in the Nashoba terrane, southeastern New England, U.S.A.
J.C. Hepburn, G.R. Dunning and R. Hon

Mid-Palaeozoic tectonic evolution of the Appalachian Central Mobile belt in northern New Brunswick, Canada: Collision, extensional collapse and dextral transperssion
C.R. van Stall and J.A. de Roo

Terrane evolution and accretion in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
S.M. Barr, R.P. Raeside, B.V. Miller and C.E. White

St. Mary's basin, central mainland Nova Scotia: Late Palaeozoic basin formation and deformation along the Avalon-Meguma terrane boundary, Canadian Appalachians
J.B. Murphy, R.J. Rice, T.R. Stokes and D.F. Keppie

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