NUNA Conference Volume

Greenstone Gold and Crustal Evolution

Proceedings of a workshop held at Val d'Or, Québec, May 24-27, 1990



Greenstone gold and crustal evolution: Scope and results of the conference

F. Robert, G.N. Phillips, and S.E. Kesler



Mesothermal gold deposits: A critique of genetic hypotheses

R. Kerrich

On accretion of granite-greenstone terranes

P.F. Hoffman

Fluid pressure regimes and fluid dynamics during deformation of low-grade metamorphic terranes - Implications for the genesis of mesothermal gold deposits

S.F. Cox

Fault structure and mechanics in relation to greenstone gold deposits

R.H. Sibson

Transport and deposition of gold in hydrothermal systems

S.B. Romberger

CO2-enhanced crustal melting: a possible link among porphyritic granite, lamprophyre and gold deposits

J.W. Peterson and R.C. Newton


Genetic models for greenstone gold deposits

J.M. Franklin and S.B. Green

Structural setting and control of greenstone gold deposits

D.I. Groves

Nature and composition of mineralizing solutions

S.E. Kesler

Late evolution of greenstone belts and gold deposits

R. Kerrich and D. Wyman

Fluid generation, fluid circulation and deformation

S.F. Cox

Wallrock alteration and P-T environments of gold deposition

G.N. Phillips

Transcriptions of reports by chairmen of working groups

F. Robert and P. Sheahan

Transcriptions of plenary discussions sessions

F. Robert and P. Sheahan


Fluid sources for "break-type" gold deposits - What do we really know?

G. Albino

Sm/Nd isotopic analyses of scheelite and tourmaline from Val d'Or gold deposits

C.D. Anglin

Alteration zones around mesothermal gold deposits: implications for patterns of deposition and fluid sources

A.C. Barnicoat

Noble gases and halides in gold-quartz veins as indicators of fluid sources, salinity sources, mixing and unmixing

J.K. Bohlke and J.J. Irwin

Textures and fluid inclusion planes in gold-quartz veins in SE Abitibi Subprovince, Canada

A.-M. Boullier and F. Robert

Predictive "downstream" models for the generation, circulation and focussing of auriferous fluids at deep levels in the Abitibi crust

A.C. Brown, M. Chouteau, C. Hubert, J.N. Ludden, M. Mareschal, L. Corriveaux and C.L. Jenkins

Mineralized vs unmineralized veins: fluid inclusion evidence

P.E. Brown and P.K. Wetherbee

Geologic and fluid inclusion studies of an intrusion-hosted quartz-tourmaline-pyrite-gold vein system, Lamaque mine, Val d'Or, Quebec

D.R. Burrows and E.T.C. Spooner

Gold and the greenschist facies

D.M. Carmichael

U-Pb zircon and rutile ages and 40Ar/39Ar biotite ages for the Victory mine, Kambalda, Western Australia: constraints on the age and P-T-time conditions of gold mineralization

M.E. Clark, T.E. Krogh and D.A. Archibald

The geochronological framework for the evolution of the southern Abitibi belt

F. Corfu

The Eastmain River deposit: a syntectonic shear zone-hosted vein-type gold deposit in an amphibolite grade setting

J.-F. Couture and J. Guha

The Francoeur gold deposit: a shear zone-hosted disseminated type Archean gold deposit

J.-F. Couture, P. Pilote and A. Vachon

The role of fault dynamics and fluid dynamics in the genesis of vein-hosted gold deposits in low-grade metamorphic terranes

S.F. Cox

Evolution of the Superior Province: constraints and inferences based on U-Pb geochronology

D.W. Davis and F. Corfu

Structural analysis of non-conjugate auriferous shear zones and the influence of layer anisotropy

B. Dubé, K.H. Poulsen, J. Guha and J.M. Franklin

A syn-metamorphic, lower granulite facies, lode gold deposit at Griffin's Find, Western Australia: implications for sources of Archean auriferous fluids

R.J. Fare, D.I. Groves and N.J. McNaughton

Geobarometry, differential block movements and crustal structure of the southeastern Abitibi greenstone belt: implications for mesothermal Au

R. Feng

Source of synorogenic fluids in the northern Cordillera: evidence from the Juneau gold belt, Alaska

R.J. Goldfarb and D.L. Leach

Behaviour of fluids associated with veins and altered wallrocks in Archean mesothermal gold deposits

J. Guha, H.-Z. Lu, B. Dubé, F. Robert and M. Gagnon

Late Archean alkaline magmatism in the Kirkland Lake gold camp: isotopic and geochemical constraints

K. Hattori and S.R. Hart

Late gold superimposed on earlier shear zone-hosted quartz veins???: the Renabie gold mine area

K.B. Heather

Some empirical characteristics of Archean gold deposits: implications for depositional and genetic models

K.B. Heather, J.A. Fyon, T.L. Muir and D.G. Troop

Water-sill hypothesis for the origin of certain veins in the Meguma Group, Nova Scotia, Canada

J.R. Henderson and M.N. Henderson

Late emplacement of gold in the Archean Abitibi and analogous Phanerozoic "greenstone" belts: a consequence of thermal equilibration following collisional orogeny

C.J. Hodgson, J.V. Hamilton, J.A. Hanes and D.W. Piroscho

Tectonic framework of the southern Abitibi belt: lozenge-shaped domains and nature of their marginal tectonic zones

C. Hubert, J.N. Ludden and A.C. Brown

Solubility of gold and silver in fluids associated with greenstone belt deposits

S. Jaireth

Boron cycle in the Abitibi greenstone belt, and compositional variations in tourmaline associated with gold deposits

M. Jébrak, R. Mineau, M. Bardoux and N. Goulet

Gold mineralization at Shamva mine, NE-Zimbabwe; an integrated structural-magmatic control

H.A. Jelsma, H.P. Tomschi, J.L.R. Touret and J.D. Kramers

The greenstone-gold relationship in the southern Superior Province: constraints from U-Pb dating of hydrothermal minerals

R.A. Jemielita, L. Wong, D.W. Davis and T.E. Krogh

Characteristics of fluid reservoirs involved in Archean and younger mesothermal gold deposits

R. Kerrich

Geology, wallrock alteration and characteristics of the ore fluids at the Bralorne mesothermal gold vein deposit, SW British Columbia

C.H.B. Leitch

Fluids associated with Cu-Au mineralization in the Kiruna greenstone belt at Viscaria and Pahtohavare, northern Sweden

S. Lindblom and O. Martinsson

Timing and control of hydrothermal activity in relation to the tectonic evolution of the Dumagami Structural Zone of the Bousquet gold district, southern Abitibi, Quebec

P. Marquis, C. Hubert and A.C. Brown

Genesis of the gold-bearing quartz-fuchsite vein at the Dome mine, Timmins area: the relationship of high grade gold ore, ribbon quartz, H2O-CO2 fluid immiscibility and sediments

R.P. Moritz and J.H. Crocket

The meteoric water convection model for the genesis of greenstone-hosted, mesothermal gold deposits

B.E. Nesbitt and K. Muehlenbachs

Experimental CO2-melting of granite and its bearing on the Archean gold association

J.W. Peterson and R.C. Newton

Nature of Archean gold-bearing fluids in Australian greenstone terranes

G.N. Phillips

Pressure - temperature environments and the causes of gold deposition

G.N. Phillips

The role of uplift in the genesis of Australian gold deposits

G.N. Phillips

Fluid circulation in Archean greenstone terranes and Australian gold deposits

G.N. Phillips

The structural evolution of the Casa-Berardi deposits and the characteristics of a gold mineralized system

P. Pilote, J. Guha, R. Daigneault, F. Robert and P. Golightly

An oxygen isotope study of the Kapuskasing uplift

E.M. Puris and S.M. Wickham

Can alteration assemblages give information about the source of ore-bearing fluids?

J. Ridley

Fault-valve activity: ancient and modern

R.H. Sibson

Evidence for a mafic "albitite" intrusion/Archean Au association, Kerr Addison - Chesterville mines, northern Ontario

J.P. Smith and E.T.C. Spooner

Archean, intrusion-hosted, stockwork Au-quartz vein mineralization, Lamaque mine, Val d'Or, Quebec: Part II. Light stable isotope (H, O, C, and S) characteristics and enriched calcalkaline/shoshonitic intrusion geochemistry

E.T.C. Spooner

A classification of fault systems and shear zones in the Superior Province

G.M. Stott

C-O-H-S fluids in the California Mother Lode - Do they provide answers or just solutions?

B.E. Taylor

Distinguishing between Archean fluids of different origins: en example using volatile analyses of fluid inclusions from the Tanco pegmatite, SE Manitoba

A.V. Thomas and E.T.C. Spooner

The Crixas gold mine, Goias, Brazil: thrust-related gold mineralization

M. Thomson

Gold in episyenite: an atypical gold mineralization in the Abitibi greenstone belt

J. Thorette, M. Jébrak and J. Guha

Geochemistry of fluid inclusions in gold, Porcupine camp, Ontario

E.H.P. van Hees and S.E. Kesler

Structural processes of epigenetic gold mineralization

J.R. Vearncombe, M.W. Grigson, D.I. Groves, S.E. Ho and J.M.A. Hronsky

Origin of mineralizing fluids of Archean lode gold deposits in the northern Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa

T.W. Vennemann

The genetic association of mesothermal gold deposits with accretionary plate tectonic regimes

D. Wyman and R. Kerrich

Geology and geochronology of the Archean gold deposit at Camflo, Malartic, Quebec

P.L. Zweng



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