Special Paper 37

The Early Proterozoic Trans-Hudson Orogen



The Trans-Hudson Orogen: extent, subdivision and problems
J.F. Lewry and K.D. Collerson

Subdivision of the Churchill Province and extent of the Trans-Hudson Orogen
P.F. Hoffman


The Churchill-Superior Boundary Zone, southeast margin of the Trans-Hudson Orogen: a review
W. Weber

New structural-metamorphic constraints on Early Proterozoic oblique collision along the Thompson Nickel Belt, Manitoba, Canada
W. Bleeker

Structural relations in accreted terranes of the Trans-Hudson Orogen, Saskatchewan: telescoping in a collisional regime?
J.F. Lewry, D.J. Thomas, R. Macdonald, and J. Chiarenzelli

Kisseynew gneiss belt in Manitoba: stratigraphy, structure, and tectonic evolution
H.V. Zwanzig

The Missi Formation: an Aphebian molasse deposit in the Reindeer Lake Zone of the Trans-Hudson Orogen, Canada
M.R. Stauffer

Stratigraphy and geochemistry of the Lynn Lake and Flin Flon metavolcanic belts, Manitoba
E.C. Syme

Flin Flon and Western La Ronge belts, Saskatchewan: products of Proterozoic subduction-related volcanism
A. Thom, N.T Arndt, C. Chauvel, and M. Stauffer

U-Pb ages from the Flin Flon and Kisseynew belts, Manitoba: chronology of crust formation at an Early Proterozoic accretionary margin
T.M. Gordon, P.A. Hunt, A.H. Bailes, and E.C. Syme

Trace-element and Rb-Sr whole-rock isotopic constraints on the origin of the Chipewyan, Thorsteinson, and Baldock batholiths, Churchill Province, Manitoba
N.M. Halden, G.S. Clark, M.T. Corkery, P.G. Lenton, and D.C. P. Schledewitz

Paleomagnetism of the Lynn Lake gabbros in the Trans-Hudson Orogen and closure of the Superior and Slave cratons
D.J. Dunsmore and D.T.A. Symons


U-Th-Pb geochronology and preliminary interpretation of Precambrian tectonic events in the Black Hills, South Dakota
J.A. Redden, Z.E. Peterman, R.E. Zartman, and E. DeWitt

Proterozoic granite-pegmatite magmatism, Black Hills, South Dakota: structure and geochemical zonation
E.F. Duke, C.K. Shearer, J.A. Redden, and J.J. Papike

A model for tectonic evolution of the Trans-Hudson Orogen in North and South Dakota
J.S. Klasner and E.R. King


The Archean Wyoming Province and its relations with adjacent Proterozoic provinces
S.I. Dutch and P.A. Nielsen

Trout Mountain anomaly, northern Alberta: its role in the northwest foreland of the Trans-Hudson Orogen
R.A. Burwash and M.A. Power


Evolution of the Cape Smith Belt: Early Proterozoic continental underthrusting, ophiolite obduction, and thick-skinned folding
M.R. St-Onge and S.B. Lucas

Labrador segment of the Trans-Hudson Orogen: crustal development through oblique convergence and collision
R.J. Wardle, B. Ryan, G.A.G. Nunn, and F.C. Mengel

Lithotectonic domains in the high-grade terrain east of the Labrador Trough (Québec)
J. van der Leeden, M. Bélanger, D. Danis, R. Girard, and J. Martelain

A structural cross-section of the Northern Labrador Trough, New Quebec
E. Boone and A. Hynes

Nature of the eastern boundary of the Labrador Trough near Kuujjuaq, Quebec
G. Poirier, S. Perreault, and A. Hynes

Model lead ages from the Labrador Trough and their stratigraphic implications
T. Clark, and R.I. Thorpe

Timing of collisional events in the Trans-Hudson Orogen: evidence from U-Pb geochronology for the New Quebec Orogen, the Thompson Belt, and the Reindeer Zone (Manitoba and Saskatchewan)
N. Machado

The Early Proterozoic Rinkian belt of central West Greenland
J. Grocott and T.C. R. Pulvertaft


Structural styles in the deep levels of an Early Proterozoic foreland thrust belt
A.F. Park and J.J. Doody

Cameroon: a tectonic keystone in the Pan-African network
S.F. Toteu, J.M. Bertrand, J. Panaye, J. Macaudiere, S. Angoua, and P. Barbey


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