Special Paper 35

The Late Quaternary Development of the Champlain Sea Basin


The Champlain Sea: Evolution of concepts, and bibliography
J.A. Elson

The basin, the ice, the Champlain Sea
N.R. Gadd

History of the northwestern arm of the Champlain Sea
P.J. Barnett

Ice-proximal deposits of the Champlain Sea at South Gloucester, near Ottawa, Canada
B.R. Rust

A Champlain Sea subwash fan at St. Lazare, Quebec
G.H. Burbidge and B.R. Rust

Glaciomarine fan deposition in the Champlain Sea
D.R. Sharpe

Lithofacies relationships in a freshwater-marine transition of the Champlain Sea
N.R. Gadd

Glacial marine facies of the late Wisconsinan Champlain Sea (southern Quebec)
G. Prichonnet

History of the Champlain Sea in the central St. Lawrence Lowland, New York, and its relationship to water levels in the Lake Ontario Basin
D. Pair, P.F. Karrow, and P.U. Clark

Paleozoogeography of postglacial Ostracoda from northeastern North America
T.M. Cronin

Microfaunal assemblages of southern Champlain Sea piston cores
A.S. Hunt and A.E. Rathburn

Late Quaternary invertebrate faunal associations and chronology of the western Champlain Sea basin
C.G. Rodrigues

Isotopic composition (18O, 13C, 14C) of biogenic carbonates in Champlain Sea sediments
C. Hillaire-Marcel

Geochemical and paleoecological investigations using invertebrate macrofossils of the late Quaternary Champlain Sea, Ontario and Quebec
L. Wassenaar, U. Brand, and J. Terasmae

Late Quaternary pollen stratigraphy of the Ottawa valley - Lake Ontario region and its application in dating the Champlain Sea
T.W. Anderson

Marine mammals of the Champlain Sea, and the problem of whales in Michigan
C.R. Harington

Paleoenvironmental and biogeographic analyses of fossil fishes in peri-Champlain Sea deposits in eastern Canada
D.E. McAllister, C.R. Harington, S.L. Cumbaa, and C.B. Renaud

Mineralogy, pore-water chemistry, and geotechnical behaviour of Champlain Sea and related sediments
J. K. Torrance

Early Holocene waters in the St. Lawrence Lowland: a summary
J.A. Elson

Lake Agassiz and its contribution to flow through the Ottawa - St. Lawrence system
J.T. Teller

The coeval eolian environment of the Champlain Sea episode
P.P. David

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