Special Paper 33

Saline Water And Gases In Crystalline Rocks



The fluid inventory of the crust and its influences on crustal dynamics
W.S. Fyfe

Normative salt characterization of natural waters
B.F. Jones and M.W. Bodine


Geochemical trends from groundwaters from the Canadian Shield
S.K. Frape and P. Fritz

Models of mineral controls on the composition of saline groundwaters of the Canadian Shield
F.J. Pearson, Jr.

Saline groundwaters and brines in plutons in the Canadian Shield
M. Gascoyne, C.C. Davison, J.D. Ross and R. Pearson

Halogen-bearing minerals in plutonic rocks: a possible source of chlorine in saline groundwater in the Canadian Shield
D.C. Kamineni

Sr-87/Sr-86 as indicators for rock-water interactions: applications to brines found in Precambrian age rocks from Canada
R.H. McNutt

Chlorine stable isotope composition of Canadian Shield brines
R. Kaufmann, S.K. Frape, P. Fritz and H. Bentley

Vug brines - fluid inclusions: a key to the understanding of secondary gold enrichment processes and the evolution of deep brines in the Canadian Shield
J. Guha and R. Kanwar


Brackish and saline groundwaters in Finland
P.W. Lahermo and P.H. Lampen

Fluid inclusions as a source of dissolved salts in deep granitic groundwaters
D.K. Nordstrom and T. Olsson

Strontium isotopic data and geochemical calculations as indicators for the origin of saline waters in crystalline rocks
B. Fritz, N. Clauer and M. Kam

The origin of saline groundwaters in the Carnmenellis granite, Cornwall (U.K.): Further evidence from minor and trace elements
W.M. Edmunds, R.L.F. Kay, D.L. Miles and J.M. Cook

Hydrochemical evolution of saline waters from crystalline rocks of the Bohemian Massif (Czechoslovakia)
T. Pces

The occurrence of saline groundwater and gases in the crystalline rocks of Northern Switzerland
A. Pekdeger and W. Balderer

Isotopic investigations of the water-rock system in the deep crystalline rock of Northern Switzerland
W. Balderer, J.CH. Fontes and J.L. Michelot

Radiolytic salt enrichment and brines in the crystalline basement of the East European Platform
I.F. Vovk


Methane in the crystalline rocks of the Canadian Shield
P. Fritz, S.K. Frape and M. Miles

Characterization of abiotic methane in rock
J.W. Welhan

Noble gases in groundwaters from crystalline rocks
J.N. Andrews

The composition of dissolved gases in deep groundwaters and groundwater degassing
J.N. Andrews and G.B. Wilson

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