SP 44: GIS for the Earth Sciences CD-Rom

Edited by J.R. Harris.

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This volume provides the earth scientist with many examples of how a Geographic Information System (GIS) in concert with other software (statistical, image analysis) can be useful for addressing various earth science applications that involve spatial analysis of a wide range of geo-science datasets. Examples include mineral resource assessment (mineral potential modelling), analysis and visualization of multi-media geochemical data, geologic mapping, natural hazards assessment and environmental applications.

The volume is not meant to be an instructional textbook on the mechanics of GIS but rather a demonstration of how GIS can be effectively used to address a wide range of applications of interest to the earth scientist. Additionally, the book can serve as a textbook for university and college courses dealing with the application of GIS and spatial modelling.

This CD-Rom contains the entire hardcover book as a full-colour PDF as well as additional visual information, and is accompanied by a pair of 3-D glasses to better view selected images.

CD-ROM Disc, CD-Rom and 3-D Glasses Only (2006)
Geological Association of Canada; ISBN-10: 0-919216-96-X; ISBN-13: 978-0-919216-96-8; ISSN: 0072-1042

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