SP 42: Urban Geology of Canadian Cities

Edited by P.F. Karrow and O.L. White.

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Awarded the E.B. Burwell, Jr., Award of the Geological Society of America, in May 1999, "for the authors' contribution to advancing the knowledge of the principles or practice of engineering geology".

The 23 papers of this volume were prepared by a total of 59 authors following a GAC symposium at the University of Waterloo. Each paper, covering one of the major cities of Canada, reports the current geological knowledge and engineering conditions in those cities. Each paper also reports the current status of the local data banks and the geotechnical data collected in major Canadian cities in the 1970's with funding from the Geological Survey of Canada. Urban Geology of Canadian Cities will be of interest to geotechnical engineers, urban and Quaternary geologists, engineers and environmental consultants, municipal engineers, educators, students, the insurance industry, and the general public.

Hardcover - 508 pages (1998)
Geological Association of Canada; ISBN-10: 0-919216-62-5; ISBN-13: 978-0-919216-62-4; ISSN: 0072-1042

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