SP44: Chapter 11: GIS Spatial Analysis Tools to Assist in the Search for Kimberlite

Weights of Evidence Applied to the Lac de Gras Region
by L. Wilkinson, J.R. Harris, P. Keating and B. Kjarsgaard.

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This chapter is from GAC's Special Paper 44: "GIS For the Earth Sciences" editted by Dr. Jeff Harris. To purchase the entire book in hardcopy or disc formats, please see the Special Papers section of our bookstore.

ABSTRACT: The Slave Province, bound approximately by 62 to 69°N latitude and 104 to 116°W longitude, has been the focus of intense diamond exploration since 1991. Diamond exploration is hampered in the Slave Province by thick, extensive tillcover and the small size of the kimberlite bodies, making the development of kimberlite-specific predictive maps difficult. In the Lac de Gras area, the weights-of-evidence (WofE) method is used to test the spatial relationship between a database of known kimberlite pipes and exploration criteria, such as dyke trends, circular and cold lakes, and circular magnetic anomalies.

The results from the spatial analysis of various kimberlite exploration criteria and the location of known kimberlite pipes indicates that exploration should be focused along structures related to older dyke swarms and on small, circular and cold lakes. Circular magnetic anomalies extracted from regional and high-resolution magnetic datasets using the Keating algorithm are also strongly associated with kimberlite pipes and are the best predictors of the known kimberlites.

Electronic Download - 18 pages (2006)
Geological Association of Canada

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