Palaeontographica Canadiana No. 27

Late Marjuman (Cambrian) linguliformean brachiopods from the Deadwood Formation of South Dakota
by S.P. Robson and B.R. Pratt.

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More than 2,200 phosphatic brachipod valves belonging to the subphylum Linguliforma were recovered from two localities, located 40 km apart, in the upper Cedaria and lower Crepicephalus zones of of the upper Marjuman portion of the Deadwood Formation in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Host strata are invariably sandy, glauconitic, and bioclastic grainstones and flat-pebble conglomerates deposited in a fairly high-energy, near-shore setting. The brachipod fauna consists of 36 new species beloning to 23 genera and eight families, which are described herein. We erect two new families, Dianabellidae and Holmerellidae, and five new genera, Amplitreta, Dianabela, Ganotoglossa, Holmerellus, and Vangaporse.

Softcover - 95 pages, 27 pls (2007)
Joint Committee on Paleontological Monographs for CSPG/GACŪ; ISBN-13: 978-1-897095-31-7; ISSN: 0821-7556

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