SCN 19: Submarine Volcanism and Mineralization

Modern through Ancient
Edited by Brian Cousens and Stephen J. Piercey.

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This short course, which was given in conjunction with the GAC-MAC 2008 annual meeting in Quebec City, recapped recent advances in the physical volcanology and geochemistry of seafloor volcanic suites and discussed the contrast between modern volcanic examples and those in the rock record (Archean through Phanerozoic). Also emphasized was the link between known or inferred tectonic setting and the style of hydrothermal (and other) mineralization. The material was aimed at the non-specialist in the fields of petrology and ore deposits, and one goal of the course was to bridge the professional gap between these two groups. The two day short course also included a field trip to the Thetford Mines Ophiolite, Thetford, Quebec.

Softcover - 184 pages (May 2009)
Geological Association of Canada Mineral Deposits Division; ISBN-13: 978-1-897095-43-0

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