SP 35: The Late Quaternary Development of the Champlain Sea Basin

Edited by N.R. Gadd.

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This volume, based on a symposium of the Geological Association of Canada (May, 1986) , presents the views of a number of researchers whose interpretations accept a common theme, but differ, even conflict, in the consideration of certain details. In particular these concern age relationships as recorded in radiocarbon dates and those concerning the pre-Champlain Sea existence of a major glacial lake controlled by an ice dam at the narrows near the city of Quebec. These and other questions remain open and debatable, and the reader, hopefully, will be encouraged to enter into the spirit in which these elements of discussion were first presented.

Hardcover - 316 pages (1988)
Geological Association of Canada; ISBN-10: 0-919216-35-8; ISBN-13: 978-0-919216-35-8

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