MP9: Chapter 14: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of a Wave-dominated Delta from the Early Ordovician Redmans Formation, Bell Island, NL

From Ichnology: Papers From Ichnia III
by T. Miller and Duncan McIlroy.

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This chapter is from GAC's Miscellaneous Publication 9: "Ichnology: Papers from Ichnia III" editted by Dr. Duncan McIlroy. To purchase the entire book on disc, please see the Miscellaneous Publications section of our bookstore at

Marginal marine mudstone-dominated systems are poorly known from the early Paleozoic. This paper presents the results of a combined sedimentological, petrological and ichnological analysis of 76.5 m of core from a mud-rich, wave-dominated, tide-influenced deltaic succession. The Redmans Formation is characterized by metre-thick packages of medium- to coarse-grained quartz-arenites, interbedded with metre-thick intervals of silt- and clay-rich mudstones. Sandstone facies are typically sparsely bioturbated (0–10%) and contain low-diversity trace-fossil assemblages dominated by Diplocraterion and Planolites. Unbioturbated mudstones in the succession were deposited under high-energy conditions and contain recalcitrant organic matter unsuitable for the support of a deposit feeding biota. In contrast, the silt- and clay-rich mudstone facies have abundant high-quality organic matter, are intensely bioturbated (30–90%) and contain diverse ichnological assemblages including Cruziana, Planolites, Trichophycus, and Diplocraterion. Twelve sedimentological facies have been identified, and are inferred to have been deposited in proximal, central, and distal distributary mouth bar environments, that experienced significant reworking by waves and tides.

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