Palaeontographica Canadiana No. 34

Solitary disphyllid corals from the Frasnian (Upper Devonian) of Western Canada
by Ross A. McLean.

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From the book's Abstract:
Solitary rugose corals of the family Disphyllidae (considered to include the family Charactophyllidae) are abundant in Frasnian (lower Upper Devonian) strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. Taxa described from this succession comprise Charactophyllum liardense n. sp., Temnophyllum subcylindricum (Stumm), T. cardium n. sp., T. cf. murale (Soshkina), Sinodisphyllum parvulum (Whiteaves), S. amplum n. sp., S. suni n. sp., Hunanophrentis praecedens (Stainbrook), H. arenata n. sp., H. wallbridgensis n. sp., H. saperdensis n. sp., Piceaphyllum modicum (Smith), P. multiseptatum (Smith), P. rozkowskae n. sp., and P. fenarium n. sp. Ceciliaphyllum bastillense McLean is revised on the basis of additional material, including topotypes. In addition, new topotypic material is illustrated for Charactophyllum nanum (Hall and Whitfield) from Iowa, and Sinodisphyllum simplex Sun from Hunan, both species being regarded here as characteristic representatives of the solitary disphyllids. Biostratigraphy of the Canadian species is reviewed in the context of the Montagne Noire conodont zonation and rugose coral faunal assemblages previously recognized in the Frasnian of western Canada. With completion of the current study of the Frasnian corals of this area, a listing of present taxonomic assignment is provided for all Frasnian Rugosa described and/ or illustrated from the region by other authors.

Softcover - 123 pages, 27 pls. (Aug 2014)
Joint Committee on Paleontological Monographs; ISBN-13: 978-1-897095-68-3; ISSN: 0821-7556

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