GCRS 6: Ore Deposit Models Volume II

Edited by P.A. Sheahan and M.E. Cherry.

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Ore Deposit Models Volume II continues from where Ore Deposit Models Volume I left off, consisting of a broad range of practical and enduring reviews which examine deposit types not covered in the first volume, such as Bonanza Gold, Skarn and Bauxite deposits, and Diamond occurrences in Kimberlites and Lamproites. Two additional and unusual papers are also included, one on the uses and abuses of ore deposit models in mineral exploration and the other on net smelter return models and their use in the exploration, evaluation and exploitation of polymetallic deposits. Again, this volume is an important addition to the student's or explorationist's library.

Softcover - 159 pages (1993)
Geological Association of Canada; ISBN-10: 0-919216-50-1; ISBN-13: 978-0-919216-50-1; ISSN: 0821-381X

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