Scientific Results from the Mallik 2002 Gas Hydrate Production Research Well Program, Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories, Canada

GSC Bulletin 585
Edited by S.R. Dallimore and T.S. Collett.

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This landmark publication continues a remarkable legacy of gas hydrate research at this remote Arctic location, quantifying the physical and geophysical properties and the production response of one of the most concentrated gas hydrate deposits in the world. The present volume will be a standard reference for the oil and gas industry, and for those interested in environmental issues pertaining to gas hydrate, with it's

  • 62 peer-reviewed scientific papers on the molecular chemistry, geochemistry, microbiology, petrophysics and environmental aspects of the gas hydrate deposit;
  • geophysical characterizations, including 3-D seismic interpretation, open- and cased-hole well logs, and cross-hole tomography surveys; o estimates of the amount of gas in the deposit and preliminary suggestions on the optimal production method; and
  • data DVD containing all field and laboratory data, well logs, production data, video and more than 15 technical reports.

    Program Sponsors: Geological Survey of Canada; Japan National Oil Corporation; GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam; United States Geological Survey; United States Department of Energy; India Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas; Gas Authority of India; BP-ChevronTexaco Mackenzie Delta Joint Venture


  • Hardcover - 140 pages, plus 4 data sheets and DVD (2005)
    Geological Survey of Canada; ISBN-10: 0-660-19495-3

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