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This is a reminder that the deadline to nominate individuals for the 2018 awards of the Geological Association of Canada (2018 GAC awards) is less than a month away: Friday, December 15, 2017.

The GAC Awards web page is:

There are three classes of awards: National Awards; Divisional and Sectional Awards; and Service Awards.


National Awards, including nomination procedures, can be found at:

Logan Medal:

The Logan Medal, the highest award of the Geological Association of Canada is presented, usually annually, to an individual for sustained distinguished achievement in Canadian earth science.

W.W. Hutchison Medal:

The Hutchison Medal is awarded to a young individual for recent exceptional advances in Canadian earth science research. It was awarded for the first time in 2004, replacing the Past-Presidents’ Medal.

E.R. Ward Neale Medal:

The Neale award recognizes outstanding efforts to communicate and explain geoscience to the public through one or more of the following vehicles: public lectures, print or electronic media articles, school visits, elementary and secondary school educational materials, field trips, science fairs, and other public communications.

J. Willis Ambrose Medal:

The Ambrose medal is awarded to an individual for sustained dedicated service to the Canadian earth science community.

Eric Mountjoy Exchange Award:

The Mountjoy Award is available to encourage the exchange of young geoscientists between Quebec and other parts of Canada. Nominations must be registered students or post-doctoral fellows at a Canadian university. The annual award of up to $4,000 must be used to fund expenses related to an exchange in order to undertake scientific studies between a Quebec-based university/institution and a university/institution located elsewhere in Canada. The exchange can take place in either direction.

Yves O. Fortier Earth Science Journalism Award:

The Fortier Award is awarded for excellence in journalistic presentation of earth science in the newsprint media. The award shall recognize a journalist who is a resident of Canada and who has been exceptionally effective in presenting one or more earth science stories during the previous 1-3 years in one of Canada’s daily or weekly newspapers or periodicals. Entries for the Yves Fortier Award deal with a broad spectrum of Earth science topics, ranging from Earth to ocean and atmosphere. They are judged on the basis of originality, clarity of interpretation, scientific accuracy and value in promoting a broader understanding of Earth sciences to the public.

Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award:

The award, comprising $5,000 and a certificate, is given annually to encourage and support a graduate student in Canada whose thesis contributes to our knowledge about the geological history of Canada. Mapping is a significant component of the winning thesis. The award is jointly administered by the Geological Association of Canada (GAC), the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), the National Geological Surveys Committee, the Canadian Geological Foundation, and Watts, Griffis and McOuat Ltd.


Divisional and Section Awards, including nomination procedures, can be found at: :

AQUEST: (Quebec)

Certificat d’excellente de l’AQUEST

Canadian Geomorphology Research Group:

J. Ross Mackay Award

Olav Slaymaker Awards

Canadian Sedimentology Research Group

Middleton Medal

Geophysics Division:

The Geophysics Division Student Award

Marine Geosciences Division:

Michael J. Keen Medal

Mineral Deposits Division:

Duncan R. Derry Medal

William Harvey Gross Award

Julian Boldy Certificate Awards

Howard Street Robinson Medal

Paleontology Division:

Elkanah Billings Medal

Pikaia Award

Precambrian Division:

Howard Street Robinson Medal

Canadian Tectonics Group (formerly Structural Geology and Tectonics Division):

Dave Elliott Best Paper Prize

Jack Henderson Prize for Best Thesis – Best PhD Thesis

Jack Henderson Prize for Best Thesis – Best PhD Thesis Second Prize

Jack Henderson Prize for Best Thesis – Best Thesis – Best M. Sc. Thesis

Volcanology & Igneous Petrology Division:

Career Achievement Award

Leopold Gelinas Medal


Service Awards are listed below. There have been few nominations for several of the Service Awards the last few years!

Distinguished Member Award

Distinguished Service Award

50-Year Members

Honorary Life Members

Voluntary Service Award

Certificate of Appreciation

Award details and nomination procedures can be found at the following link:


Nomination procedures and materials are provided at the above web sites.

The deadline for all nominations is Friday, December 15, 2017, except for the Fortier Journalism Award for which the deadline is Monday,  January 15, 2018.

A. For GAC awards except the Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award:

Complete nomination packages, including all relevant attachments and supporting letters (where applicable), are to be compiled into a single pdf document and emailed to, the GAC Administrative Office in St. John’s. If you have any questions, please contact Karen Dawe of GAC:

B. For the Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award:

Complete nomination packages, including all relevant attachments and supporting letters, are to be compiled into a single pdf document and emailed to Krishana Michaud of the PDAC at:

If you have any questions, please contact Eleanor or Karen at GAC ( or Krishana (

Finally: It is our pleasure to pass along a reminder regarding the CFES Mentorship Medal. Details about the award, as well as the nomination form (in Word and pdf formats) are available on the CFES website at The deadline for receipt of nominations is January 15th, 2018.

Dave Pattison
GAC Awards Coordinator


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