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Why publish with the Geological Association of Canada?

  • Highly respected geoscience advisory team. Our Publications Committee is dedicated to assisting you in producing your work at its best. From advice on finding peer reviewers, to step-by-step guidance through the changing copyright laws, you will always have someone available to help you.
  • Worry-free production, marketing and sales. Your commitment is to deliver your science. Our commitment to you is to facilitate it through the remaining publishing stages and beyond – into the hands of readers.
  • No financial risks. For most publications, the Geological Association of Canada takes all the financial obligations.
  • A team of skilled professionals based in Canada – full-time marketing, business and administrative personnel, dedicated to making you and your work look great.
  • Promotion of you and your book nationally and internationally, including book reviews, trade shows, GAC®-MAC annual meetings, reciprocal agreements with other societies, and GAC®’s web site. We also promote these books through the GAC®’s flagship quarterly journal, Geoscience Canada, as well as in the GAC®’s official newsletter publication, Geolog. In addition, press releases will be issued to your Alma Mater newspaper, employer newsletter and scientific journals.
  • We are author-friendly where copyright issues are concerned. The Geological Association of Canada protects all published work under our copyright, as well as encourages the dissemination of science. Should you, as an author, wish to use your material in class or post it online for your students, we encourage this use.
  • Cost-effective production of books. The Geological Association of Canada is dedicated to promoting science; we seek cost-effective means of producing and distributing high-quality books to ensure your work is available to researchers and other geoscientists at market sensitive prices.
  • Digital file and hard copy archives. New books are archived in digital and hard copy format to ensure they can be accessed by researchers years from now. Previously published books will be digitally scanned for archiving and printing on an as-needed basis.

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