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Sedimentary signatures of tectonic events

Conveners:  Elizabeth Turner; Robert MacNaughton; Heinrich Bahlburg; Brian R. Pratt/eturner@laurentian.ca

Tectonic setting and history are fundamental controls on the morphology, facies architecture and resource potential of sedimentary basins.  This special session will highlight new work on the interplay of sedimentation and tectonics at all scales, from profound tectonic unconformities to subtle effects of epeirogeny, from the deformation caused by earthquakes to the emplacement of individual beds attributable to tsunamis, and from development of facies belts along uplifts to distal signals of uplift in source areas.  The session is inspired by New Brunswick’s rich stratigraphic record, which was deposited in a  range of Proterozoic and Phanerozoic tectonic settings.  Although studies of Atlantic Canadian examples are especially appropriate, work from elsewhere in Canada and worldwide is welcome. Theoretical and applied presentations are both appropriate for this session.

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