Igneous Rock Associations

Volume 43, #2: J. Nicholls and J.K. Russell: Pearce Element Ratio Diagrams: Linking Geochemical Data to Magmatic Processes.
Excel Spreadsheet Pearce Element Ratio Template
Image of Calculation Pearce Element Ratio Template

Volume 42, #3: J.D. Greenough and K. MacKenzie: Transition Metals in Oceanic Island Basalts: Relationships with the Mantle Components.
Table 1 Raw and re-calculated raw data
Table 2 Plots of Mg/Fe versus transition metals
Table 3 Mg/Fe regression information
Table 4 Average similarly incompatible element ratios

Volume 32, #1 and 2, papers on Igneous Rock Associations are supplemented by the PDF files linked below: 
Data Reduction and References
Supplementary Data Table

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