AWARDS – 2015





Logan Medal Dr. Richard Grieve, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, ON Nomination Form
W.W. Hutchison Medal Dr. Murray Gingras, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB Nomination Form
E.R.Ward Neale Medal Dr. Nick Eyles, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON Nomination Form
J. Willis Ambrose Medal Dr. Sandra Barr, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS Nomination Form
Eric Mountjoy Exchange Award Not awarded this year Nomination Form
Yves O. Fortier Earth Science Journalism Award Margaret Munro of Postmedia News for her series of articles entitled “Leaking Wells a Burning Issue”. Nomination Form
CJES Best Paper Award

M. Sanborn-Barrie, W.J. Davis, R.G. Berman, N. Rayner, T. Skulski, and H. Sandeman for the paper was “Neoarchean continental crust formation and Paleoproterozoic deformation of the central Rae craton, Committee Bay belt, Nunavut”


Distinguished Member Award Not awarded this year Nomination
Distinguished Service Award Not awarded this year
50-Year Members David P. Gold, University Park, PA
Honorary Life Members Not awarded this year
Voluntary Service Award Not awarded this year Nomination
Certificate of Appreciation Not awarded this year


Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award Jesse Reimink, University of Alberta Nomination Form

Jerome H. Remick Poster Awards


Gold: Naomi Barshi, McGill University
Silver: Mackenzie Patrick, Memorial University
Bronze: Rebecca Hardie, University of Ottawa

Honorable mentions:

Connor Davis, Western University 
Ross Anderson, Yale University
Kassandra Del Greco, University of Victoria
Richard From, University of Manitoba
Vivien Janvier, INRS-ETE


AQUEST (Quebec)
Certificat d’excellente de l’AQUEST First Place: Arnaud Fontaine
Canadian Geomorphology Research Group
J. Ross Mackay Award Dr. Nicole Couture, Geological Survey of Canada
Olav Slaymaker Awards To be announced

Canadian Sedimentology Research Group

Middleton Medal To be awarded in 2016 Nomination Form
Geophysics Division
The Geophysics Division Student Award To be announced
Marine Geosciences Division
Michael J. Keen Medal To be announced
Mineral Deposits Division
Duncan R. Derry Medal Doreen Ames, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, ON Nomination Form
William Harvey Gross Award Luke Ootes, Government of Northwest Territories Nomination Form
Julian Boldy Certificate Awards

To be announced

Howard Street Robinson Medal* Dr. Stephen Piercey of Memorial University
Paleontology Division
Elkanah Billings Medal Dr. Paul Smith, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC. Nomination Form
Pikaia Award To be awarded in 2016 Nomination Form
Precambrian Division
Howard Street Robinson Medal** To be awarded in 2016
Canadian Tectonics Group (formerly Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)
Dave Elliott Best Paper Prize John Waldron, David Schofield, Brendan Murphy, & Chris Thomas  titled “How was the Iapetus Ocean infected with subduction?” published in Geology, volume 42(12), 1095-1098 (2014).
Jack Henderson Prize for Best Thesis – Best PhD Thesis Reid Staples, Simon Fraser University
Jack Henderson Prize for Best Thesis – Best M.Sc. Thesis

Tyler Ambrose, University of British Columbia (Okanagan)

Volcanology & Igneous Petrology Division
Career Achievement Award Not awarded this year Nomination Form
Leopold Gelinas Medal Gold (Best Ph.D Thesis): Alexander Wills, University of New Brunswick
Silver (Best M.Sc. Thesis): Amy Ryan, University of British Columbia
Bronze (Best B.Sc. Thesis): Douglas Nikkila, Lakehead University
Nomination Form

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