Student Photography Competition – 2016 Winners/Gagnants

The Geological Association of Canada is pleased to announce the 2016 winners of our Student Photography Competition, supported by the Jérôme H. Remick III Endowment Trust Fund.

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Landscape Category:

1st - Alain Boudreau (University of British Columbia)

First Prize - Landscape category

Rich colours fading into the grey ruggedness of the Mackenzie Mountains approximately 200 km NW of the Nááts’ihch’oh National Park Reserve.

2nd - Melissa Anderson (University of Ottawa)

Second Prize - Landscape category

At the end of a long day of fieldwork, we were rewarded by this serene sunset over one of the many lakes that dot the landscape near Yellowknife, NWT.

Joint 3rd - Johan Gilchrist (University of British Columbia)

Third Prize - Landscape category

“Evening at Cirque Lake” – Callaghan Reserve, British Columbia. Circular lake formed by a glacier that was protected from the sun on three sides during its last years of melting.

Joint 3rd – David Dockman (University of Alberta)

Third Prize - Landscape category

A view of basaltic sills from across Eureka Sound, Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut.

Geological Photograph Category:

1st - Sarah Pemberton (Brock University)

First Prize - Geological category

A 1.5m section of the largest cluster of cave pearls. This calcite formation can be found near the end of Hang Son Doong, Vietnam; the largest cave in the world.

2nd - Melissa Anderson (University of Ottawa)

Second Prize - Geological category

This colorful magma chamber is the only one in the world you can visit, by decending 200m (through a small volcanic neck) below Thriknukagigur volcano in Iceland.

3rd - Jeffrey Salvador (University of Calgary)

Third Prize - Geological category

Honeycomb Rock Weathering: At the Yehliu Geopark in Taiwan, the dissolution of marine organism detritus in conjunction with the progressive decomposition of rocks influenced by sea salt has created these magnificent geologic structures.

Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to our judges who had to make the difficult decision of picking winners from the large number of entries to this year’s competition. We hope to make this competition an annual event, so pick up your cameras this summer and get snapping!

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