Marine Geosciences Division

M.J. Keen Medal

Welcome to the Marine Geosciences Division of the Geological Association of Canada

Canada is a maritime nation. Three of the world’s oceans border our 244,000 km long coastline which is the longest in the world. Our oceans regions total almost 6 million square kilometers, equivalent to almost 60% of Canada’s land mass. Marine geology research provides integrated geosciences knowledge for the sustainable development and management of Canada’s coasts and offshore lands. The Marine Geosciences Division (MGD) of the Geological Association of Canada (GAC) provides a forum to foster, promote and recognize research and study within the marine geosciences, and to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and research initiative between marine geoscientists of all sub-disciplines.

MGD regularly sponsors sessions in the annual meeting of GAC. MGD plans to provide financial support to student attendance and sponsor student presentation awards in future annual meetings. Newsletters are published and circulated yearly to update members of recent MGD business and current work, research and new initiatives in the marine geosciences. The Division also awards annually the Michael J. Keen Medal to recognize a scientist who has made a significant contribution to the field of marine or lacustrine geoscience in Canada or with a distinctively Canadian flavor. Suggestions for new activities are always welcome. Marine geologists and all those with an interest in marine geosciences are welcome to join and participate (see the Membership link on the left).

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