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The Michael J. Keen Medal 2010 Recipient:  John Hughes Clarke

Nomination of  John Hughes Clarke

John Hughes Clarke is an outstanding leader in marine geology and oceanography and is recognized by his peers and students. His scientific competence, enthusiasm, imagination and innovation mark Dr. Hughes Clarke as an extraordinary researcher in the field of ocean mapping and a deserving recipient of the Michael J. Keen Medal.

Dr. Hughes Clarke freely gives his time and energy to his students and colleagues, as well as to the broader science community. Dr. Hughes Clarke completed a Ph.D. in oceanography at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1988 and followed this by a post-doctoral position with the Geological Survey of Canada at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography and a research fellowship at James Cook University in Australia. In 1991 Dr. Hughes Clarke joined the Ocean Mapping Group in The Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering at the University of New Brunswick as a Research Associate, becoming Senior Research Associate in 1996, Associate Professor and Chair of Ocean Mapping in 2000, and Professor in 2006.

A significant portion of his teaching involves his students in “hands-on” data collection, processing and interpretation on board survey vessels in Canada and around the world. Dr. Hughes Clarke’s reach as a teacher extends well beyond the confines of the University of New Brunswick. He played a key role in the establishment of the international Coastal Multibeam Training Course and now acts as the course director. Over the past fourteen years, this training in the theory, application and processing of swath surveying systems has been offered forty-five times in North America, Europe and Asia and has reached over three thousand students.

Dr. Hughes Clarke participates in cutting-edge marine research in Canada and around the world. One of the highlights of his work during the past five years has been his sea floor mapping in Canadian Arctic waters, and in the Northwest Passage in particular. In spite of his busy schedule, Dr. Hughes Clarke continues to be a prolific publisher and presenter, having contributed to fortyfive papers in scientific journals and over fifty conference proceedings.

Dr. John Hughes Clarke is one of Canada’s leading marine geoscientists; he is a superb scientific leader and collaborator who sets an example for his colleagues and students.

Recipients of the Michael J. Keen Medal may be a Canadian or a non-Canadian who have made a contribution in Canada or with a distinctively Canadian flavour. For more information please see:

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