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The Michael J. Keen Medal 2011 Recipient: Alfonso Mucci

Nomination of Alfonso Mucci

Alfonso Mucci is an internationally renowned geochemist who launched his career with two highly acclaimed papers laying the foundations for evaluating the ocean’s role in the terrestrial carbon flux cycle.

Since then, he has made numerous widely cited contributions in the fields of geochemistry and biochemistry. He has, for example, revolutionized the application of spectroscopy in understanding crystal growth mechanisms, developed models for predicting metal behaviour in ocean waters and sediments, and contributed to identify the causes of the bottom water hypoxia which likely caused depletion of the Eastern Canada fish stocks.

The contribution of Alfonso Mucci to the scientific/academic community extended well beyond research achievements. Alfonso Mucci served on several national and international committees. For example, he was National Chair of the Canadian Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (CJGOFS) from 1994 to 1997 and has been appointed member of the Canadian National Committee of the Scientific Committee on Ocean Research (CSCOR) in 2007.

Recipients of the Michael J. Keen Medal may be a Canadian or a non-Canadian who have made a contribution in Canada or with a distinctively Canadian flavour. For more information please see:

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