Marine Geosciences Division – M.J. Keen Medal – John Shaw

The Michael J. Keen Medal 2017 Recipient: John Shaw


John Shaw

The Marine Geosciences Division congratulates Dr. John Shaw of the the Geological Survey of Canada as the winner of the 2017 M. J. Keen Medal. Dr. Shaw is an internationally renowned earth scientist who has made significant contributions to Canadian marine geoscience in three major themes. (1) He has used meticulous field work to document the details of Holocene sea level rise in Atlantic Canada and built on that knowledge to define and visualise the changing paleogeography of the region. This led to the unravelling the complex sea level and tidal range history of the Bay of Fundy and important contributions to the understanding of archaeological sites. Through his long and varied experience, he has become the leading expert on the impact of rising sea level on the varied coastlines of Canada. (2) As the new technology of multibeam bathymetry became available, Dr. Shaw was among the first to fully recognise its potential for revolutionising marine geoscience mapping. He developed the method of integrating multibeam bathymetry and backscatter with core samples and high-resolution seismic profiling to map the surficial geology of nearshore areas. (3) Glaciation was the most important influence on seabed morphology and geology in the inner shelf areas where Dr. Shaw has mostly worked. Dr. Shaw succeeded in bridging the gap between marine and terrestrial geology and developed a clear understanding of the role of ice streams in the glacial evolution of the shelves of Atlantic Canada.

Dr. Shaw is highly respected by his colleagues as multi-talented interdisciplinary scientist, good colleague and mentor to the younger generation of marine geoscience researchers at GSC and in Canada.

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