Howard Street Robinson Medals (Precambrian Division) citations

Howard Street Robinson Medal – Becky Jamieson
Robinson Lecturer 2016-2017

Presented at the GAC-MAC Annual Meeting, Kingston, May 16th 2017 by Deanne van Rooyen (Precambrian Division Chair)

The Howard Street Robinson Medal of the Geological Association of Canada is awarded annually to meet the bequest of the Howard Street Robinson Fund, which was “for the furtherance of scientific study of Precambrian Geology and Metal Mining”.

The Robinson Medal recognizes respected and well-spoken geoscientists who have made exceptional contributions towards the scientific study of Precambrian geology and or metal mining through a presentation of a distinguished lecture series across Canada. The medalist is selected by the Howard Street Robinson Committee and the Executive of the Division sponsoring the tour – the Mineral Deposits Division or the Precambrian Division on an alternating annual basis.

The 2016-2017 Robinson Lecturer could not have been more deserving of this recognition. The Precambrian Division is extremely proud to present the 2016-2017 Robinson Medal to Dr. Becky Jamieson, from Dalhousie University, for her lecture tour, but more importantly in recognition of her invaluable contribution to the understanding of the Precambrian geology through the study of tectonic and metamorphic processes that operate in orogenic belts.

Her field- and laboratory-based research has given us a window into crustal processes that are fundamental to understanding the evolution of orogenic belts worldwide. Becky’s contributions include an extensive list of major papers, reports, and maps that span multiple decades and orogenic belts the world over. Her contributions to geoscience as a mentor and teacher are remarkable, her students can be found in all areas of geoscience. It is a special privilege to be able to present this medal in a Special Session filled with so many colleagues and students gathered to honour Becky’s work.

On behalf of the Precambrian Division and the Howard Street Robinson Fund Committee, it is my pleasure to hand Dr. Jamieson her Robinson Medal.

Dr. Becky Jamieson receiving the Howard Street Robinson medal at the session organized to celebrate her career contributions, The Metamorphic Architecture of Orogenic Belts organized by Dawn Kellett (GSC) and Natasha Wodicka (GSC).


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