With GAC® Publications, getting your book from submission to reader is easier – and faster! – than ever:

Concept Stage:

You have a great book idea, and are just embarking on the publication trail.

  • Idea proposed to GAC® Publications (Please see ‘Initial Proposal’ form)
  • Immediate acknowledgement, and analysis of your idea within 4 weeks

Development Stage:

Solidifying the details: Style of book, co-authors (if applicable), length, and book development timeline. From this point on, the GAC Books Editor and the Publications Director will remain in close contact with you.

  1. Author and co-author commitment
  2. Initial marketing assessment
  3. Timeline for book development
  4. Formal proposal – Response within 4 weeks
  5. Writing/obtaining manuscripts

Finalizing Manuscript Stage:

The manuscripts are in, and you’re ready to put on the finishing touches.

  • Obtain reprint permission for previously published figures and artwork – Allow 6 weeks
  • Peer review – Allow 4 weeks
  • Final copy-editing/indexing – Allow 6-8 weeks
  • Complete Marketing promotion questionaire – 1-2 hours

Production Stage:

At this point, all the elements are submitted to GAC® Publications for production. Your manuscript(s) will be considered submitted when all previous stages have been completed, and copyright assignment/permission has been granted in writing. These dates are targets, however authors should note that delays in responding to queries and page proofing will impact the schedule.

Sample date:

Receipt of manuscript; confirmation of material, develop timeline – June 07/12

Send manuscript & images to typesetter for layout and design – June 14/12

Marketing plan implementation begins – June 14/12

Forward proofs to design-stage copy editor and author(s) – July 15/12

Receipt of marked-up design-stage proofs – July 29/12

Forward marked-up proofs to typesetter – July 30/12

Forward digital copy to printer – August 5/12

Receipt and approval of printer proofs – August 12/12

Printed copies received at GAC® Publications – August 30/12

TOTAL TIME 11 weeks

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