Logan Medal Dr. George Pemberton, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB Nomination Form
W.W. Hutchison Medal Dr. Duane Froese, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB Nomination Form
E.R.Ward Neale Medal Dr. Murray Roed Nomination Form
J. Willis Ambrose Medal Dr. Simon Hanmer, formerly with the Geological Survey of Canada Nomination Form
NEW Eric Mountjoy Exchange Award Nomination Form
Yves O. Fortier Earth Science Journalism Award Tom Spears of the Ottawa Citizen for his article titled “Canada’s meteorite research may soon be on the rocks; Homegrown ingenuity the bedrock of cutting-edge scientists”. Nomination Form
CJES Best Paper Award Dr. Margot E. McMechan of the Geological Survey of Canada for her paper “Deep transverse basement structural control of mineral systems in the southeastern Canadian Cordillera.”


Distinguished Member Award Garth Kirkham, Kirkham Geosystems Ltd. Nomination
Distinguished Service Award Not awarded this year
50-Year Members Edward H. Chown and William O. Mackasey
Honorary Life Members Not awarded in 2013
Voluntary Service Award Not awarded in 2013 Nomination
Certificate of Appreciation The St. John’s 2012 Local Organizing Committee


Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award Danielle Thomson, Carleton University Nomination Form

Jerome H. Remick Poster Awards

Gold: Nils Backeberg, McGill University
Silver: Francesco Turchiaro, University of Toronto
Bronze: Evan Hastie, University of Windsor

Runners up:
Anaïs Fourny, University of British Columbia
Richard From, University of Manitoba
Brandi Shabaga, University of Manitoba
Ashley Steffen, North Dakota State University
Balázs Törö, University of Saskatchewan


AQUEST (Quebec)
Certificat d’excellente de l’AQUEST First Place:
Special Mention to : To be announced
Canadian Geomorphology Research Group
J. Ross Mackay Award Dr. Brett Eaton
Olav Slaymaker Awards To be announced

Canadian Sedimentology Research Group

Middleton Medal To be announced Nomination Form
Geophysics Division
The Geophysics Division Student Award To be announced
Marine Geosciences Division
Michael J. Keen Medal Will not be awarded in 2013
Mineral Deposits Division
Duncan R. Derry Medal Dr. Alan Galley Nomination Form
William Harvey Gross Award Dr. Michel Houlé Nomination Form
Julian Boldy Certificate Awards

To be announced

Nomination Form
Howard Street Robinson Medal* To be awarded in 2014
Paleontology Division
Elkanah Billings Medal Dr. Godfrey Nowlan Nomination Form
Pikaia Award To be announced Nomination Form
Precambrian Division
Howard Street Robinson Medal** Dr. Sally Pehrsson
Structural Geology and Tectonics
Dave Elliott Best Paper Prize Dr. Toby Rivers
Jack Henderson Prize for Best Thesis – Best PhD Thesis David Moynihan, University of Calgary
Jack Henderson Prize for Best Thesis – Best M.Sc. Thesis

Holly Steenkamp, Dalhousie University

Volcanology & Igneous Petrology Division
Career Achievement Award Dr. Réjean Hébert, Université Laval Nomination Form
Leopold Gelinas Medal Gold (Best Ph.D Thesis): Kate Souders, Memorial University
Silver (Best M.Sc. Thesis): Melissa Anderson, University of  New Brunswick
Bronze (Best B.Sc. Thesis): Michael D’Angelo (Lakehead University)
Nomination Form

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