Logan Medal Dr. Andrew Miall, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON Nomination Form
W.W. Hutchison Medal Dr. Ali Polat, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON Nomination Form
E.R.Ward Neale Medal Ben Gadd Nomination Form
J. Willis Ambrose Medal Dr. Brendan Murphy, St. Francis Xavier University Nomination Form
Eric Mountjoy Exchange Award Antoine Caté, l’Institute national de la recherche scientifique Nomination Form
Yves O. Fortier Earth Science Journalism Award Kate Lunau of Maclean’s Magazine for her article entitled “Astronomers go planet hunting”. Nomination Form
CJES Best Paper Award Roger LeB. Hooke, Don I. Cummings, Jerome-Etienne Lesemann and David R. Sharpe for the paper Genesis of dispersal plumes in till


Distinguished Member Award Not awarded this year Nomination
Distinguished Service Award Not awarded this year
50-Year Members C. Gordon Winder
Honorary Life Members Not awarded in 2014
Voluntary Service Award Not awarded in 2014 Nomination
Certificate of Appreciation The Winnipeg 2013 Local Organizing Committee


Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award Diane Skipton, University of Ottawa Nomination Form

Jerome H. Remick Poster Awards

Gold: Nils Backeberg
Silver: Francesco Turchiaro
Bronze: Evan Hastie

Honorable mentions:

Anais Fourny, University of British Columbia
Richard From, University of Manitoba
Brandi Shabaga, University of Manitoba
Ashley Steffen, North Dakota State University
Balázs Törö, University of Saskatchewan


AQUEST (Quebec)
Certificat d’excellente de l’AQUEST First Place:
Special Mention to : To be announced
Canadian Geomorphology Research Group
J. Ross Mackay Award Thomas Lakeman, Dalhousie University
Olav Slaymaker Awards To be announced

Canadian Sedimentology Research Group

Middleton Medal To be announced Nomination Form
Geophysics Division
The Geophysics Division Student Award To be announced
Marine Geosciences Division
Michael J. Keen Medal Ali Aksu, Memorial University
Mineral Deposits Division
Duncan R. Derry Medal Dr. Barbara Scott Smith, Scott-Smith Petrology Inc., North Vancouver Nomination Form
William Harvey Gross Award Dr. Sean McClenaghan, Trinity College Dublin Nomination Form
Julian Boldy Certificate Awards

To be announced

Nomination Form
Howard Street Robinson Medal* To be awarded in 2015
Paleontology Division
Elkanah Billings Medal Jean-Bernard Caron Nomination Form
Pikaia Award To be announced Nomination Form
Precambrian Division
Howard Street Robinson Medal** Dr. Jean Bédard
Canadian Tectonics Group (formerly Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)
Dave Elliott Best Paper Prize Reid Staples, Dan Gibson, Rob Berman, Jim Ryan & Maurice Colpron, entitled “A window into the Early to mid-Cretaceous infrastructure of the Yukon-Tanana terrane recorded in multi-stage garnet of west-central Yukon, Canada”, Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 31(7), 729-753
Jack Henderson Prize for Best Thesis – Best PhD Thesis Jared Butler, Dalhousie University
Jack Henderson Prize for Best Thesis – Best M.Sc. Thesis

Joel Angen, University of Waterloo

Volcanology & Igneous Petrology Division
Career Achievement Award Not awarded in 2014 Nomination Form
Leopold Gelinas Medal Gold (Best Ph.D Thesis): Duane Smythe, University of Toronto
Silver (Best M.Sc. Thesis): Mike Warren, St. Mary’s University
Bronze (Best B.Sc. Thesis): Travis White, University of New Brunswick
Nomination Form

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