Member Benefits

Members (voting) shall be persons holding a post-secondary qualification in an earth-science-related discipline and/or holding equivalent professional experience.

Early Career Geoscientists are Members who have graduated with a degree in earth science or related science with highest degree within the past 3 years, and who are not planning to re-enter an academic program.

Seniors are Members who are 65 years of age and over.

Unemployed are Members who are unemployed when the Dues Notice is issued. Should employment be found during the year, the member will be expected to pay the difference.

Spousal are Members whose spouse is a full-paying Member.

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Benefits of GAC® Membership

  • Reduced rates on Subscription to Geoscience Canada, GAC®’s Flagship Journal;
  • Free Online Subscription to GEOLOG, GAC®’s informative, provocative and entertaining newsmagazine ;
  • 45% Discount on GAC® publications;
  • Savings of $310 on Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences online subscription;
  • Savings of $180 on Canadian Geotechnical Journal online subscription
  • Savings of $90 on Environmental Reviews online subscription;
  • Greatly reduced registration fee at GAC®-MAC annual meetings;
  • Networking opportunities with 13 Specialist Divisions and 6 Regional Sections;
  • Networking opportunities with leading experts around the world.
  • Publishing opportunity with your own professional publishing house;
  • Members are granted voting privileges and have the opportunity to choose their representation in GAC at the annual general meeting;
  • Website resources at;
  • Opportunity to serve your profession through volunteer participation with the national body;
  • Become more involved in celebrating Canada’s most prestigious awards;
  • These are just a few of the many benefits that GAC® members receive. See more here.
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