Student Benefits

Students: Persons who are presently registered or have been registered during the present year as a student in a post-secondary program in an earth science related field.

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Benefits of GAC® Student Membership

  • GAC® awards a GAC®-PDAC Logan Student Prize to one undergraduate student at each CCCESD-member department across the country;
  • GAC® lets you nominate your fellow undergraduates for the GAC®-PDAC Logan Student Prize;
  • GAC® provides a monetary prize plus one-year memberships in both GAC® and PDAC as well as an award certificate to the winners of the GAC®-PDAC Logan Student Prize;
  • GAC® will publicize the GAC-PDAC Logan Student Prize winners’ names in Geolog and on our website;
  • GAC® is a proud sponsor of the Atlantic Universities Geological Conference (AUGC) and the Western Inter-University Geological Conference (WIUGC)
  • Discounted Subscription to Geoscience Canada, GAC®‘s Flagship Journal
  • Free Subscription to GEOLOG, GAC®‘s informative, provocative and entertaining newsletter
  • Free membership in most of GAC® Specialist Divisions and Regional Sections
  • 45% Discount on GAC® publications
  • Savings of $310 on Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences online subscription
  • Savings of $180 on Canadian Geotechnical Journal online subscription
  • Savings of $90 on Environmental Reviews online subscription
  • Greatly reduced registration fee at GAC®-MAC annual meetings
  • Networking opportunities with 13 Specialist Divisions and 6 Regional Sections
  • Networking opportunities with leading experts around the world to help in your personal and professional growth
  • Publishing opportunity with your own professional publishing house
  • Website resources at
  • Opportunity to serve your profession and take action through volunteer participation with the national body
  • Professors in 32 Canadian universities act as “campus representatives” on GAC®‘s behalf to apprise students of the benefits of GAC® membership
  • These are just a few of the many benefits that GAC® members receive.
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