Corporate Benefits

Benefit Platinum Gold Silver Nickel
Identification as a sponsor of specific GAC activities; e.g. special events, field trips, lecture tours and more Sponsorship of key events Sponsorship of events
Display of corporate logo or name at GAC conferences, on website, Facebook pages, posts and in GAC publications Premium display Prominent display Bold listing Regular listing
Networking opportunities with students and members at GAC conferences Free
Job advertising to students and professional members Free Free
Advertising in GEOLOG and on website Full page Half page Quarter page
Exhibit space at conferences Free
GAC memberships for employees or a GAC bookstore certificate 3 Free or $400 certificate 2 free or $250 certificate 1 free or $150 certificate
Subscription to GEOLOG and Geoscience Canada
3 individual subscriptions 2 individual subscriptions 1 individual subscription 1 individual subscription
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences Subscription Print and Electronic Print Discount Discount
Canadian Geotechnical Journal Subscription Print and Electronic Print Discount Discount
Price $10,000 plus $5000

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