Howard Street Robinson Medal/Mineral Deposits Division

Jacob Hanley

Howard Street Robinson Lecturer (2013-14)
Dr. Jacob Hanley

Dr. Hanley’s tour is now complete.  The 2014-2015 lecture tour by Dr. Jean Bedard,  representing the Precambrian Division, will be announced in the near future.

The Howard Street Robinson Lecturer is chosen by the Mineral Deposits Division and the Precambrian Division of the GAC in alternate years. It is funded by the Robinson Fund of the GAC that was established in 1977, following the bequest to GAC from the estate of Howard Street Robinson, a founding member of GAC. The bequest was “for furtherance of scientific study of Precambrian Geology and Metal Mining.”

The 2014-15 Lecturer is Dr. Jean Bedard of the Geological
Survey of Canada, named by the Precambrian Division of
the GAC.

Past Recipients

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