Citation/E.R. Ward Neale Medal

Over the past 35 years, Dr. Murray Roed has written five books on Geoscience that have acted as

models for the written communication of geoscience to the Canadian public. They are famous for

their ability to discuss difficult geoscience principles at a level that allows the lay person to grasp

the importance and scope of our discipline. The diverse range of geoscience topics covered in the

books, which required enlisting numerous specialized coauthors, helps drive home the

importance of geoscience to children at all educational levels as well as politicians and the voting

public. The engaging, fun-to-read writing style has made the books best-sellers with nearly

10,000 copies sold and they are invaluable educational resource materials used in teaching from

kindergarten to graduate school. Their popularity has led to dozens of radio, television and

newspaper interviews that in themselves constitute important contributions to the dissemination

of geoscience knowledge to the public. In addition there have been hundreds of free public

lectures, talks at schools and field trips designed to inform the public about Roed’s passion;

geoscience. Roed has also been a leader communicating geoscience with his creative, beautiful

and informative geoscapes paintings that grace halls and walls and many pages of the geoscience

books. Proceeds from his philanthropic work (e.g. book sales) have yielded Earth Science

scholarships totaling $15,000-$20,000 that came from an endowment that is approaching

$100,000.00. It is hard to imagine a self-employed, industry geoscientist who has contributed

more to communicating geoscience to the Canadian public and so the E.R.W. Neale medal is a

fitting tribute to his life-long accomplishments.

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