GAC® Divisional Awards
Mineral Deposits Division
Julian Boldy Certificate Awards

Requirements for Award Nominations

Individual nominations are valid for a period of three years.

Each nomination should be accompanied by nomination papers signed by the appropriate number of sponsors, as indicated. The nomination should include a 200-word citation. Also, the nomination should be supported by a curriculum vitae and biography which describe the candidate’s accomplishments in his/her field of geology. Additional documentation and letters of endorsement are gratefully received.

Nominations for the Julian Boldy Certificate Awards are to be made by 3 members of the MDD, jointly or by independent submission. Nominations Forms should be submitted in triplicate to the Chairman of the MDD Medals Committee by December 31:

Jim Walker
MDD Awards Coordinator
c/o New Brunswick Geological Survey
P.O. Box 50
495 Riverside Drive
Bathurst, NB E2A 3Z1
Tel: (506)547-2070; Fax: (506) 547-7694

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