GAC® Divisional Awards
Paleontology Division
The Pikaia Award Nominations

Nominations should be accompanied by nomination papers signed by at least 3 members of the Paleontology Division. The nomination should include a 300-word citation. Also, the nomination should be supported by a curriculum vitae and biography which describe the candidate’s accomplishments in his/her field of geology. Additional documentation and letters of endorsement are gratefully received. Unsuccessful nominations remain in the pool for one additional selection process and may be updated by the nominators as required.

If there is an individual who fits the above criteria and whom you feel would be particularly deserving of this award, please send the above documentation to Melissa Grey at the following address:

Melissa Grey
Joggins Fossil Centre,
100 Main Street,
Joggins, Nova Scotia, B0L 1A0


The deadline for 2018 nominations is January 15, 2018

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