Past Recipients/Dave Elliott Best Paper Prize

The 2017 winners are Mirko van der Baan (University of Alberta), David W. Eaton (University of Calgary) and Giona Preisig (University of British Columbia, now at Université de Neuchâtel) for their paper “Stick-split mechanism for anthropogenic fluid-induced tensile rock failure”, published in Geology, v. 44, 503-506, 2016.

The 2016 winner is Mark Higgins (McGill) for his paper entitled: “New kinematic and geochronologic evidence for the Quaternary evolution of the Central Anatolian fault zone (CAFZ)” published in Tectonics, v. 34 (10), 2118-2141. Co-authors include  Lindsay M. Schoenbohm, Gilles Brocard, Nuretdin Kaymakci, John C. Gosse, and Michael A. Cosca

The 2015 winners were John Waldron, David Schofield, Brendan Murphy, & Chris Thomas, for the paper: “How was the Iapetus Ocean infected with subduction?” published in Geology, volume 42(12), 1095-1098 (2014).

The 2014 winners were Reid Staples, Dan Gibson, Rob Berman, Jim Ryan & Maurice Colpron, for the paper: A window into the Early to mid-Cretaceous infrastructure of the Yukon-Tanana terrane recorded in multi-stage garnet of west-central Yukon, Canada which appeared in Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 31(7), 729-753,

The 2013 winner was Dr. Toby Rivers of Memorial University of Newfoundland, for the paper published in 2012: “Upper-crustal orogenic lid and mid-crustal core complexes: signature of a collapsed orogenic plateau in the hinterland of the Grenville Province” which appeared in Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 49, 1-42.

The 2012 winners Elena Konstantinovskaya and Jacques Malavieille for the paper:  Thrust wedges with décollement levels and syntectonic erosion: A view from analog models. Tectonophysics 502 (2011) 336–350.

The 2011 winners were: Kyle P. Larson, William J. Davis and Don W. Davis of University of Saskatchewan; and Laurent Godin of Queen’s University, for the paper: “Out-of-sequence deformation and expansion of the Himalayan orogenic wedge: insight from the Changgo culmination, south central Tibet”

David Elliott Best Paper for 2008 was awarded to Elena A. Konstantinovskaya, Lyal B. Harris, Jimmy Poulin, Gennady M. Ivanov,

Transfer zones and fault reactivation in inverted rift basins; insights from physical modelling Tectonophysics, vol. 441, pp. 1-26, 15 Aug 2007

The Structural Geology and Tectonics Division awarded the Dave Elliott Best Paper Prize in 2007 to J.K. Madsen, D.J. Thorkelson (Simon Fraser University), R.M. Friedman (University of British Columbia) and D. D. Marshall (Simon Fraser University) for the paper: Cenozoic to Recent plate configurations in the Pacific Basin: Ridge subduction and slab window magmatism in western North America,” Published in: Geosphere, v. 2, no. 1, p. 11-34

2005 winner:  Dr. Paul F. Williams (University of New Brunswick) and Dr. Dazhi Jiang (University of Western Ontario) for the paper: An investigation of lower crustal deformation: Evidence for channel flow and its implications for tectonics and structural studies, published in Journal of Structural Geology, v. 27, p. 1486-1504.

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