Lecture Tour Schedule/H.S. Robinson

H.S. Robinson talks, Dr. Sally Pehrsson

October 11, University of Ottawa

November 27, University of Regina

November 28, University of Saskatchewan

November 29, Winnipeg section of GAC

November 30, Lakehead University


February 7, Laurentian University

February 7, Sudbury Discussion Group

February 12, INRS, Quebec City   (Noon)

February 13, Laval University, Quebec City  (3:30 P.M.)

February 14, UQaC, Saguenay  (12:30 P.M.)

February 15, McGill University, (tba)

March 21, GSC Ottawa

March 26, Simon Fraser University, 1:30 pm, Why was Rodinia underendowed?

March 27, University of Calgary, United Plates of Laurentia

March 28, University of Alberta, Noon, Why was Rodinia underendowed?

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