In addition to his work as a Scientific Editor in the Geoscience Publications and Information
Section, Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador, Christopher has a long and
sustained record of editorial service on a volunteer basis for the Geological Association of
Canada. On behalf of both his employer and GAC’s Newfoundland Section, Christopher was
instrumental in the production of the immensely popular Newfoundland and Labrador
Traveller’s Guide to the Geology, including its 2003 revision. In December 2004, he volunteered
to assist incoming editors Steve McCutcheon and Sonya Dehler in copy editing Geoscience
Canada. Though his initial term was for “two or three years” he has worked on Geoscience
Canada for seven years, and has committed to continue for at least one more year.

Among his dedicated service to GAC, Christopher acted as managing editor (overseeing layout
and proofing stages) and copy editor for “Mapping the Seafloor for Habitat Characterization”
(Special Paper #47, published 2008), and “Ottawa’s Building Monument Stones” (Miscellaneous
Publication #7, published in January 2009).

In 2008, Christopher agreed to take on the challenge of copy editing for the new edition of
“Facies Models 4”, published in December 2010. He patiently dealt with the many delays
inherent in producing such a large, multi-author book, and successfully met the challenge of
satisfying the requests/demands of the participants. He volunteered to generate the index for the
book, a truly essential and yet thankless task.

For this long history of dedication and voluntary service, I put forward Christopher Pereira for
the GAC Distinguished Service Award.

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