Constitution and By-Laws/Precambrian Division

(Division of the Geological Association of Canada)


Article I
1. Name
Precambrian Division of the Geological Association of Canada.
2. Objectives
(a)To advance the study of stratigraphy of Precambrian rocks.
(b)To set standards for the international community on matters concerning
Precambrian Stratigraphy.

Article II
1. Membership
Members of the Division shall be members of any class in the Geological
Association of Canada or of any of its constituent divisions.
2. Application for Membership
Members of the GAC may become members of the Division by application to the
Secretary-Treasurer of the Division and payment of the annual fee.
3. Eligibility to Vote
Only members and associate members in good standing who have paid annual
Division dues are eligible to vote on Division business.

Article III
1. Fees
Annual Division membership fees shall be set each year at a general or annual
meeting for membership in the Division. Student members shall be exempt from
annual dues.
There shall be no Division initiation fees.

Article IV
1. Officers
The officers of the Division shall be Chairman, Past Chairman, Vice-Chairman and
Secretary-Treasurer, and four Councillors representing western, northern, central,
and eastern Canada. Insofar as is practical, the Officers shall include representatives
of industry, government and university, as well as the various regions of Canada and
the various disciplines represented by the membership, with no more than two
officers from any one organization.
2. Terms of Office
All officers shall serve for a term of two years commencing at the adjournment of
the appropriate annual meeting with the exception of the three regional Councillors
who shall serve three-year, overlapping terms. No executive member except the
Secretary-Treasurer may serve two consecutive terms in the same office.
3. Past Chairman
In the event that the Past Chairman is unable to serve on the Executive, the newly172
September 27, 2012 by Karen Johnston-Fowler
elected Executive may at its discretion select another member of the retiring
executive to serve in his place.
4. Nominations of Officers
At least sixty (60) days before the Annual Meeting the Executive shall prepare and
mail to members a list of nominations which shall comprise the slate of candidates
for all elective officers that will become vacant at the time of the Annual Meeting:
Any three (3) members may provide additional nominations for one or more of the
elective offices by mailing the names together with the names of the nominating
members to the Secretary-Treasurer. All nominations that have been legally filed
with the Secretary-Treasurer at least forty (40) days before the Annual Meeting shall
be mailed to members, together with a ballot, at least twenty-five (25) days before
the Annual Meeting.
5. Teller Committee
The Executive shall appoint a Teller Committee which will count the ballots and
announce the results at the Annual Meeting.
6. Meetings
The Annual Meeting of the Division shall be held at the GAC during the year.
Special meetings may be held at other times during the year. Special general
meetings may be called at any time for the consideration of any special matter by
the Executive or by a written petition signed by a quorum of the members of the
7. Quorum
A quorum shall be whichever is less of ten members of ten percent of the members
of the Division.

Article V
1. Executive
The Executive shall comprise the Past Chairman, Chairman, Vice-Chairman,
Secretary-Treasurer, four regional Councillors.
2. Past Chairman
The immediate Past Chairman or a selected member of the retiring Executive
designated as outlined above (Article lV-3) shall serve on the current Executive to
provide continuity.
3. Chairman
The Chairman or his designate in the absence of the Vice-Chairman shall preside at
meetings of the Division.
4. Vice-Chairman
The Vice-Chairman shall have and assume the powers and duties of the Chairman in
the event of the absence or disability of the Chairman.
5. Secretary-Treasurer
The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep the records of the proceeding of the Division and
shall also act as the Secretary to the Executive and keep the records of its
The Secretary-Treasurer shall issue notices of all meetings.
The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a complete list of the members of the Division
and their places of residence.
The Secretary-Treasurer shall collect and disburse all funds and shall have the
custody of all funds of the Division. He/she shall deposit such funds in the name of
the Division in a bank or trust company designated by the Executive.
The Secretary-Treasurer shall report in writing at the Annual General Meeting of
Division and the Executive on his/her receipts and disbursements of funds and other
financial transactions since the last previous report, and on the balance of money in
his/her hands.


Article VI
1. By-Laws of the Division may be adopted, amended or rescinded only by voting
members. Votes on such constitutional changes shall be carried out by mailed
ballots, and proposed changes shall be approved only if a majority of the ballots
received by the specified date are in agreement. Copies of the proposed by-laws and
amendments and/or the nature of the proposed rescission of the by-laws shall be
mailed by the Executive with the ballots to the voting members of the Division not
less than 20 days nor more than 40 days before the specified voting date.
2. Proposals of Amendments
Any quorum of members may, by letters addressed to the Secretary-Treasurer,
recommend to the Executive the adoption, amendment or rescission of a rule, and
the executive shall carry out a mailed ballot vote on the proposed amendment no
later than the general mailing preceding the next annual meeting.

Article VII
The Constitution and by-Laws of the Division shall be consistent with the
Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and regulations of the Geological Association of Canada

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