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Student Travel Grants

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Howard Street Robinson Medal winners (Precambrian Division)

Student Travel Grants

The Precambrian Division of the GAC aims to promote cutting edge research being done in Canada on all aspects of Precambrian geology. The Division sponsors field trips, field conferences and special sessions at annual meetings leading to a variety of publications. Encouraging student interest in Precambrian geology is a priority for Division. During each annual GAC-MAC meeting, the Division provides funding to help students attend field trips related to Precambrian geology and present their research.

We will be offering student travel grants to attend RFG – GAC-MAC 2018 in Vancouver. Applications are due on February 15th, 2018 as a single pdf emailed to containing a cover letter, abstract as submitted, and a budget. Priority will be given to students presenting in sessions sponsored by the Precambrian Division, and attending a field trip as part of the conference. Full details are available here.

Howard Street Robinson Medal winners (Precambrian Division)

In even-numbered years the Precambrian Division selects the Howard Street Robinson Fund lecturer, who tours geoscience departments across Canada lecturing on current research in Precambrian geology. Dr. Becky Jamieson from Dalhousie University was the 2016-17 Precambrian HSR lecturer with a very successful tour in recognition of her invaluable contribution to the understanding of the Precambrian geology through the study of tectonic and metamorphic processes that operate in orogenic belts. We are now accepting nominations for the 2018-19 speaker tour. Nominations (short letter highlighting candidate’s contributions to Precambrian geology) can be sent directly to Deanne van Rooyen ( See also: Howard S. Robinson Medal tour.

Dr. Deanne van Rooyen
Assistant Professor of Geology
Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Geology
Cape Breton University
1250 Grand Lake Road
Sydney, NS B1P 6L2

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