W.W. Hutchison Medal

The W.W. Hutchison Medal is named after Dr. William W. Hutchison in recognition of his many contributions to the Geological Association of Canada and to Canadian and international geoscience. The medal is awarded to a young individual for recent exceptional advances in Canadian earth science research. It was awarded for the first time in 2004, replacing the Past-Presidents’ Medal.

Murray Gingras

The 2015-2016 W. W. Hutchison Lecturer is Dr. Murray Gingras, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.

Dr. Murray Gingras has conducted world-class research into the integration of ichnology with petroleum geology as an aid unlocking the vast hydrocarbon reserves in bioturbated reservoirs.  Full citation.

He will offer a choice of presentations: 
Interpreting Bioturbated Inclined Heterolithic Stratification

- Mining for Oxygen and Early Bioturbation

If you are interested in having Murray Gingras come to visit your area, contact:

Alwynne Beaudoin
Email: Alwynne.Beaudoin@gov.ab.ca
GAC® Coordinator
Hutchison and H.S. Robinson Lecture Tours (2015-2016)

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