CJES Best Paper Award

The Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences “Best Paper Award” is an annual award given jointly by the NRC Research Press and the Geological Association of Canada.  It is awarded to the authors of the “Best” paper published in the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences within a calendar year (volume year).  The best paper will be defined as a paper that uses new methods, or reports novel results, or reflects a monumental assembly of information resulting in research likely to have immediate or long-term impact on one of the many areas of geoscience covered in the Journal.

Luke Ootes, NWT Geological Survey, has been named the 2016 CJES Best Paper Award winner for his paper with William J. Davis, Valerie A. Jackson, and Otto van Breemen entitled ”Chronostratigraphy of the Hottah terrane and Great Bear magmatic zone of Wopmay Orogen, Canada, and exploration of a terrane translation model”, volume 52(12), p. 1062-1092.

Past Recipients

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