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Sample of Application for Logan Student Chapter Grants

University of Flin Flon
Logan Student Chapter

Logan Grant Proposal

The Logan Student Chapter at the University of Flin Flon would like to apply for a Logan Grant in support of its seven-day field trip to the Alberta Badlands and Rocky Mountains in September 2002. The first stop will be to Dinosaur Provincial Park to examine the sedimentology and paleontology of the Cretaceous Judith Park Formation. Preliminary contact has already been made with the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology to arrange a tour of the Preserve Area. We will also do a four-day transect from the Foothills to the Rocky Mountain Trench along the TransCanada Highway. Petroleum geologists and geophysicists from several Calgary companies have volunteered to guide us through this part of the trip. The field trip will provide an exciting educational opportunity for many of our students to see the spectacular sedimentology, paleontology and structural geology of Dinosaur Provincial Park and the Rocky Mountains.

Transportation will be by rental vans and accommodations in hotels and hostels for six nights will be arranged in Brooks, Calgary, Lake Louise and Golden. We estimate that approximately 15 students and 2 university faculty will participate in the trip. The proposed budget is as follows:

Transportation – 3 vehicles x 7 days @ $65/verhicle/day $1365
Accommodations – $20/person/night x 15 students for 6 nights $1800
Each participant will pay for her/his own meals  



In order to reduce the cost to student members, the Department of Geological Sciences and the Faculty of Science at the University of Flin Flon have contributed logistical and financial support. We are also doing fundraising through bake sales and social events. Receiving a Logan Grant would help to bring the trip within an affordable price range for our student members.

As the Logan Student chapter is newly formed here and does not have any banking facilities, we would ask that any funds be directed to the Association of Geology Graduate Students (AGGS).

Thank you for your consideration.

R.J. Jones
Logan Student Chapter Representative


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