Jerôme H. Remick Poster Awards

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Jerôme H. Remick Poster Awards

The purpose of the Remick Poster Awards is to acknowledge the growing use of posters as a legitimate geoscience communication vehicle, and to encourage higher standards by recognizing the best posters at any given meeting. The specific guidelines for making the poster awards will be the purview of the GAC® Program Committee, and these will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary to reflect evolving presentation techniques.

The current prize value for the awards is: Gold – $1000, Silver – $900, Bronze – $800.

The 2015 winners of the Jerome H. Remick Poster Awards are:

GOLD (1st place): Naomi Barshi, McGill University, “Strain-Enhanced Diffusion in Feldspar:  A Strain Speedometer”

SILVER (2nd place): Mackenzie Patrick, Memorial University, “Metamorphic Record of Anatectic Aluminous Gneisses from the Mid-pressure Belt of the Grenvillian Hinterland”

BRONZE (3rd place): Rebecca Hardie, University of Ottawa, “Rift Flank Uplift and Thermal Evolution of an Intracratonic Rift Basin (Eastern Canada) Determined by Combined Apatite and Zircon (U-Th)/He Thermochronology”

Honourable Mentions ($100):

Connor Davis, Western University, “Microstructural response of the U-Pb dateable phases across the Vredefort impact structure, South Africa”.

Ross Anderson, Yale University, “Uncovering Late Ediacaran kinematics of the Avalonia terrane using paleomagnetism”

Kassandra Del Greco, University of Victoria, “Kinematics of Orocline Related Shortening in the Ponga Unit:  Structural Analysis of the Tama Synform and the Rio Monasterio Antiform, Northern Spain”

Richard From, University of Manitoba, “Characterizing the Archean rock of eastern Hall Peninsula, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada:  An integrated approach using U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopes”

Vivien Janvier, INRS-ETE,  ”Key parameters controlling the genesis of the BIF-hosted Meadowbank gold deposit, Churchill Province, Nunavut”

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