Jerôme H. Remick Poster Awards

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Jerôme H. Remick Poster Awards

The purpose of the Remick Poster Awards is to acknowledge the growing use of posters as a legitimate geoscience communication vehicle, and to encourage higher standards by recognizing the best posters at any given meeting. The specific guidelines for making the poster awards will be the purview of the GAC® Program Committee, and these will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary to reflect evolving presentation techniques.

The current prize value for the awards is: Gold – $1000, Silver – $900, Bronze – $800.

The 2017 winners of the Jerome H. Remick Poster Awards are:

GOLD (1st place): Mark Ahenda, Queen’s University, “Early Cenozoic evolution of the Gurla Mandhata core complex, NW Nepal Himalaya”

Gold - 2017

SILVER (2nd place): Cameron Drever, University of Waterloo, “The Bissett Creek flake graphite deposit:  Hydrothermal or metamorphic?”

BRONZE (3rd place): Alison K. Thomas, University of Alberta, “Faults in the late Paleozoic Antigonish sub-basin, Nova Scotia, reinterpreted as potential salt welds”

Honourable Mentions ($100):

Laura Cruickshank, University of Calgary, “Chemistry and structure of tetragonal garnets”
Fiona D’Arcy, McGill University, “Sulfur and carbon isotopes in tree rings as a record of volcanic activity:  A new approach to studying the gases at Turrialba volcano, Costa Rica”
Charlene Duffett, Carleton University, “Metamorphism of mafic metavolcanics at the Ore Chimney Mine, southwestern Grenville Province”
Dillon Johnstone, University of Saskatchewan, “Lithostructural controls of U mineralization in the Kiggavik Main and Centre zones, north-central Rae craton:  A record of long-lived tectonism and ground preparation for U ore systems”
Rhy McMillan, University of British Columbia, “The identification of reworked sedimentary contexts and stratigraphic provenance of bones:  A novel quantitative method for Pleistocene archaeological and palaeontological sites”
Paul Michael Pilkington, Brock University, “A tale of two lakes:  Algal palynomorphs record the history of Walden Pond and Sluice Pond since the Pilgrims landed in eastern Massachusetts”
Iyse Randour, Université du Québec à Montreal, “Effects of marine inundation on till composition in permafrost terrain South of Wager Bay, central Mainland Nunavut”
Halima Warsame, Western University, “Age and preliminary paleomagnetic assessment of the Silurian Mavillette gabbro, Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia, Canada”

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