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Jerome H. Remick Poster Awards

The purpose of the Remick Poster Awards is to acknowledge the growing use of posters as a legitimate geoscience communication vehicle, and to encourage higher standards by recognizing the best posters at any given meeting. The specific guidelines for making the poster awards will be the purview of the GAC® Program Committee, and these will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary to reflect evolving presentation techniques.

The current prize value for the awards is: Gold – $1000, Silver – $900, Bronze – $800.

The 2009 winners of the Jerome H. Remick Poster Awards are:

Gold: Hilary Corlett & Jones, B. “ Middle Devonian Sea Level Rise: A Case Study of the MacKenzie Basin, Northwest Territories, Canada”

Silver: Emmanuel Bongajum & Milkereit, B., Meillieux, D., and Schmitt, D.R. “Offset Vertical Seismic Profiling in the Bosumtwi Impact Crater, Ghana (ICDP)

Bronze: Jessica Slomka, MacCormack, K., Eyles, C.H., and Lotimer, T. “Sedimentological Analysis of Quaternary Glaciofluvial and Glaciodeltaic Deposits in the Georgetown Region, Ontario”

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