Certificat d’excellente de l’AQUEST

A certificate of excellence, the AQUEST Award, was rapidly introduced to recognise the quality of university geoscientific research done in Quebec and help facilitate exchanges between graduate students and industry. This award is also used by AQUEST to get involved in promoting different activities in partnership with other organizations.  The 2012 awards were presented to:

Ludovic Bigot for his presentation titled “The gold mineralization of the syenite of Beattie, Duparquet, Quebec orogenic or magmatic?” In addition to having led a dynamic presentation, he used an original methodology and innovative”.

and Special Mentions to  Stéphane Roudaut and Noémie Fayol.

From right to left: Robert Marquis, Guillaume Allard, Ludovic Bigot, Noémie Fayol and Stéphane Roudaut

Previous Winners:


First Place: Anouk Lemieux
Second Place: Pamela Tremblay
Second Place: Julia King

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