Jack Henderson Prize for Best Thesis – Best M.Sc. Thesis

The Canadian Tectonics Group (formerly Structural Geology and Tectonics Division) gives the award of the Jack Henderson Prize for Best Masters thesis.

2017 Winner: Benoit Charette, University of Waterloo for the thesis supervised by Carl Guilmette, Long-lived Anatexis in the Exhumed Middle Crust from the Torngat Orogen and Eastern Core Zone: Constraints from Geochronology, Petrochronology, and Phase Equilibria Modeling (link to thesis)

Benoit Charette, Bureau de la connaissance géoscientifique du Québec, Direction de Géologie Québec, Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles

2016 Winner: Noah Phillips, University of New Brunswick for the thesis “The micromechanics of phyllosilicate-rich fault zone: case studies from the Minas Fault Zone, Nova Scotia, Canada and the San Andreas Fault, California” supervised by Joseph White.

2015 Winner: Tyler Ambrose, University of British Columbia (Okanagan) for the thesis “Ductile extrusion, underplating, and out-of-sequence thrusting within the Himalayan Metamorphic core, Kanchenjunga, Nepal,” co-supervised by Kyle Larson and Carl Guilmette.

2014 Winner: Joel Angen, University of Waterloo for the thesis: “Structural and geochronological investigation of the southern Alexander terrane in the vicinity of Porcher Island, northwestern British Columbia,” co-supervised by Shoufa Lin and Cees van Staal.

2013 Winner: Holly Steenkamp, Dalhousie University for the thesis: “A metamorphic history of supracrustal rocks on Harøya and Finnøya, Nordøyane, western gneiss region, Norway,” supervised by R.A. Jamieson.

2012 Winner: Chris Yakymchuk, Queen’s University for the thesis: “Tectonometamorphic evolution of the Greater Himalayan Sequence, Karnali Valley, Western Nepal Supervised,” supervised by Laurent Godin.

2011 Winner: Tasca Noela Santimano, McMaster University for the thesis: “Kinematics and mechanisms of upper-crustal deformation in the Eastern Cordillera, southern Central Andes, NW Argentina.

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