Past Abstracts

Past GAC®-MAC Annual Meetings:

Montreal 2015 Abstracts
Fredericton 2014 Abstracts

Winnipeg 2013 Abstracts
St. John’s 2012 Abstracts
Ottawa 2011 Abstracts
Calgary 2010
Toronto 2009 Abstracts
Quebec City 2008   Abstracts
Yellowknife 2007 Abstracts
Montreal 2006 Abstracts
Halifax 2005 Abstracts
St. Catharines 2004 Abstracts
Vancouver 2003 Abstracts
Saskatoon, SK 2002 Abstracts
St. John’s 2001 Abstracts
GeoCanada 2000
Sudbury 1999
Québec 1998     Abstracts

The PDF Abstract Volumes are identical to the printed version, and either may be cited when referencing the annual meeting abstracts.

Since most of the recent documents are single PDF files, the Acrobat “Find” feature (under “Edit” – “Find”) will allow you to search the entire abstract volume for any word or phrase you desire.

Use of these abstract volumes requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (free).

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